10 Fashion Disasters That Every Cyclist Should Avoid

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1) Complete Mismatch Between Team Kit and Bike

The recent rise in cycling has been driven by the MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra), who seem to have decided that cycling is the new golf.

These guys are going out and buying the first shiny bike they set their eyes on. That usually means something in carbon fibre with a four-figure price tag.

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Next, the MAMIL tends to go home and start watching the Classics and Grand Tours on TV, subsequently deciding that they must find a way to let everyone know they’ve been cheering for Bradley Wiggins or Mark Cavendish.

To do this, the MAMIL will purchase the appropriate full team issue kit. Unfortunately, Wiggo and the rest of Team Sky ride Pinarello bikes, while our hapless wannabes ride anything but. They won’t be aware of this, but regular roadies will scorn them for such a crass mismatching of bike and kit.

2) Wearing Underwear Under Lycra

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This is the one that every newbie road rider is guilty of. When people first take up road cycling, there seems to be a real reluctance to embrace the culture and go commando.

It could be modesty, it could be the belief that the extra layer of fabric will mean increased comfort, or it could simply be down to ignorance or utter fear. Telling someone to get their pants off is not the sort of thing you can easily say to a stranger after all.

The thing is that this is not simply a style issue either, even though the visible outline of a pair of saggy Y-fronts under Lycra shorts is undeniably offensive. Ditching the pants and wearing well-designed shorts with a good padded insert will make a word of difference to on-bike comfort.

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