10 Must-Have Bike Tools for the Home Mechanic

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As the days get shorter, I find myself spending less time in the saddle and more time in the garage. After all, as the season winds down, there are many repairs to catch up on! While I’ve amassed a large collection of tools over the years of wrenching on my own bikes, there are only a few tools I use on a regular basis. Here’s a quick list of what I always have within arms reach. Keep in mind, these are garage tools, not what I would carry with me on a ride.

Floor Pump

As much time as I spend pumping up tires, I’m surprised my upper body isn’t in better shape. If you’re riding regularly, or have multiple bikes, you may find yourself pumping up tires on a weekly basis. Most pumps out there are rebuildable, meaning you can replace parts as they wear out over the years.

3-Way Hex Wrench

Nearly every bolt on your bike is going to take either a 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm hex key — and reaching for a different wrench every time you move to a different bolt is for chumps and chumpettes. These handy tools let you work faster, and provide excellent leverage and comfort. You can grab these for Torx wrenches as well.

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