11 Best Bike Storage Solutions in 2018

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As much as we’d love to ride our bikes at all hours of the day, sometimes we have to hang up the towel and give our two-wheeler some rest. Which can pose an all-too-familiar problem — where do we keep our bike(s)? If you have limited storage or just have way too many bikes, you’ll need to get creative. So whether you need to keep your bike in a cramped city apartment, in an overcrowded garage, or in your backyard, we have a storage solution that will both protect your bicycle and keep it easily accessible for daily use. It’s a win-win!

The YardStash III Outdoor Bike Storage Tent

No garage or indoor space for your two-wheelers? Keep them outside and protected from the elements with this storage tent, which has plenty of space for two bikes. It’s built with a heavy-duty combination of polyester and ripstop vinyl, so it’ll stand strong when the winds are whipping. $130 BUY NOW

Monkey Bars 4 Bike Storage Rack

Mount the Monkey Bars just above eye level in your garage, and neatly hang up to four bikes off the ground. This rack’s main benefit is that it frees up valuable floor space for additional storage under the bikes. It also  prevents dings and scratches, and makes each cycle more accessible for daily use. $80 BUY NOW

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