11 Best Bike Storage Solutions in 2018

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Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci 1 Hook Rack

This two-piece hook rack is a simple, affordable solution to apartment storage for just one bike. A top hook pulls away from the wall to support your front wheel, while a tray supports your rear wheel and protects the wall. Both pieces are a breeze to install — just make sure you screw into a stud so your cycle doesn’t come crashing down if you slam the front door! $13 BUY NOW

Saris The Hottie Two Bike Home Storage

We’re assuming that Saris named this rack “The Hottie” because it looks so darn good standing by itself next to any wall. This functional yet stylish rack stands on its own two feet, fits two bikes, and won’t be an eye sore in your meticulously styled apartment. Heck, this rack will even make your bikes feel like a welcome addition to your home deco. $208 BUY NOW

Topeak Bike Cover

If your bicycle is kept outside and all you want is a cover to keep the rain and snow off your wheels, this is the cheapest and least space-consuming storage solution. It’s big enough for large mountain bikes, and it stuffs into an attached sack for easy storage when not in use. $49 BUY NOW

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