6 Essentials You Should Carry in Your Cycling Pack

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Essentials are a must! Lots can happen when your cycling; sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good. Accidents do happen, mishaps are unfortunate, and bike malfunctions come up every once in a while, too. Fingers crossed none of these ever happen to you, but chances are, one of these situations will eventually catch you off guard. (Not to sound like a “negative Nancy” or anything, but things like this always tend to happen in the worst instances.) So, why not be prepared? First, read this pre-ride checklist to make sure everything is A1. Next, make sure to have these easy-t0-carry essentials on hand next time ride. This way, you’ll be ready to face (almost) any cycling incident.

1. Spare Tubes

Whenever you go for a ride, make sure that you have spare tubes on hand. Remember; they have to be fitted to your bike. This way you’ll be ready for any nasty flat tire situation. Without these, you’ll have to think about bumming a ride back home! (Not a good look!)

2. Patch Kit

Although it may sound odd to carry both, carrying spare tubes and a patch kit, isn’t such a bad idea. Let’s say worst case scenario happens and both of your tires are busted; you’ll be glad to have both these essentials on hand. (Or, what if a cute girl or guy that you spot along the way happens to be in a sticky situation? You could totally save the day. Just saying… You never know!) Another option would be the PatchNRide all-in-one tool. Although the company is still only taking pre-orders, you might want to keep an eye out for their bicycle flat tire repair tool. By the looks of it, it does all the work for you, without ever having to remove your tire from the rim. (Just an option.)

3. Pump or Co2 Inflators

Carrying a good pump or a Co2 inflator is always necessary when you’re heading out to ride. Whether you’ve repaired your flat bike tire with a patch or opted to replace it with a new one, you’re going to have to refill it with air if you want to get up and moving again. (Don’t even think about blowing it up with air for your lungs. #FAIL) Also, if you’re not sure whether to go with a hand-pump or a Co2 inflator, this video might be helpful.

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