6 Essentials You Should Carry in Your Cycling Pack

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4. Tire Levers

Never underestimate the power of this small tool! Regardless of its tiny size, this item is a must when you’re removing a tire. Tire levers slide right under your tire, which will help you remove them from the rim. Now you’re probably wondering, what type is best, right? Well, here’s an interesting tidbit from an article, that compares plastic tire levers to metal ones. You might want to take a peek.

5. Multi-Tool

Having a multi-tool in your pack is always a good idea. Complete with Allen wrenches, screwdrivers in various sizes, and chain tools, you’ll be ready to adjust anything, anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s to make adjustments on your own bike or to tighten up a friend’s bike, you’ll have what’s needed to save the day. When choosing your multi-tool, remember to keep your riding style in mind as it may influence your purchase choice. Different styles require different tools.This tool doesn’t even take up much space, so no excuses for not carrying this one!

6. Mini First Aid Kit

Always carry a small First Aid Kit. It’s essential. You never know when you’ll need a band-aid to cover up that gnarly scrape on your knees or a sling to rest your sore arm. Whether we like to admit it, accidents do happen. If you’re not sure what to do when incidents occur, make sure to have this First Aid for Cyclists app downloaded on your phone before you leave. The app will guide you through any cycling injury, step by step. No reason to stress!

Remember, be prepared when you go cycling! All of these essentials can easily be tucked away and used in the case of an emergency. This list of handy cycling apps could also come in handy next time you go for a ride. What are your go-to essentials when you take off on a bike ride? Share your answers in the comment section below; we love reading your thoughts. Now that you’re ready, get out there and ride!

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