8 Unusual Cycling Accessories You Didn’t Know Exist

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Creative cyclists have come up with numerous ways to soup up their bikes. Here are a few unusual accessories that might raise a few eyebrows but could come in handy some day.

The Musguard

Many cyclists dislike riding around with fenders on their bikes, but also hate mud splashing up on their backs. Now, you can have it both ways with the Musguard, a portable mud guard that comes in 14 different colors.

The Chain Condom

Not nearly as promiscuous as its name would indicate, a Chain Condom is a bicycle chain cover that protects your chains, and whatever carpet it might be lying on, from getting damaged. Practice safe cycling and get a Chain Condom.

The Uberhood

Not a common complaint, but it’s true that bikes don’t provide any shade for their riders. Such lack of cover is certainly a concern for those with fair complexions or a history of melanoma in their families. To protect yourself from searing summer heat and cancer-causing UV rays, you should seriously consider an Uberhood personal bike umbrella.

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