9 Best Pairs of Padded Cycling Shorts for Women

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The quality of your cycling shorts can make or break a ride – fact. Uncomfortable shorts can ride up, ride down, cut in, or flap around – none of the  above are things you want to happen and all of them can be avoided with a pair of quality, well fitting cycling shorts.

We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite options, and they’re all pairs we’ve ridden and rated – but it’s worth remembering that short choice is personal and you need to make sure you get a good fit to allow them to do their job.

When it comes to selecting your shorts, we’d always suggest trying them on (whilst wearing knickers, something you won’t do if you buy them) if you can – either in a changing room in a shop or in your bedroom whilst you’ve still got a chance to return them if you’re buying online.

Things to consider when trying them on are:

  • The bib straps if relevant – where do they sit over/round/between your breasts, and is the material soft or irritating?
  • If there are any comfort break features – a zip/clasp/clip – test them to see if you find them easy to use (you don’t actually need to go to the toilet..)
  • The waist if these are waist shorts – does it sit nice and high so they won’t fall down? Does it cut in when you bend over in a riding position?
  • The leg grippers – do they cut in? If so, this will probably get on your nerves quickly so you’re best off trying another pair. If they flap around, the same goes.
  • Does the chamois stay put when you lean over in a riding position? If they’re too big, the material may shift and cause it to sit incorrectly

Housekeeping aside, here are some of our favourite pairs – all tried, tested, and loved by members of the TWC team…

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