9 Best women’s cycling clothing for commuters

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2. Levi’s Commuter jeans: £90, Levi

Levi’s Commuter range offers a few, carefully designed pieces for urban cyclists. Roll up the bottoms of these jeans and you’ll find silver reflective stripes – a nice touch, but not likely to save your life on a roundabout at night. The other features are far more impressive: the denim is stretchy, hard-wearing and also, miraculously, waterproof. The rain brushed off me when I got caught in a shower. They’re also cut high at the back and sit nicely on the waist, making them more flattering. Buy now

3. Vulpine Silk Air T-shirt: £59, Vulpine

This loose cycling top is designed to look “office ready” – no Lycra here, just a lightweight silk and synthetic blend that makes it smart enough to wear to your desk. As long as your ride to work isn’t too long, that is – it did start to stick a little after half an hour, but for short commutes it’s a great option. Available in two shades, navy and sea grey.  Buy now

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