Biking In the Rain: Gear, Tips, and Gentle Encouragement

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All of this is only to say that riding in the rain is fun. Honestly, it is. It’s time we changed our collective attitude about biking in the rain to one that embraces the rough weather, because if we’re truly going to shift to a culture of everyday biking, we’re going to need to accept that on some of the days it’s going to rain, and we might still have to leave the house.

So now that you’re excited about the next downpour, let’s address the how. If you already know what you’re doing but you’re just on the hunt for some new gear, feel free to skip ahead for the lowdown on the best rain gear for biking.

How to Bike in the Rain

Riding in wet weather is not all that different than riding in dry weather, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you have the safest ride possible. Here are a few tips and tricks for cycling in the rain:

Be wary of slick spots on the roads

Railroad tracks, manhole covers, or any form of metal are all going to be much much more slippery in the rain. Similarly, piles of leaves and painted lines will be a bit slick, as will anywhere you see gasoline on the concrete as the new rain brings up oil and gas left from cars.

Don’t ride through puddles on roads you’re unfamiliar with

Although riding through puddles seems like a great idea at first, it won’t be quite as much fun when it sends you flying over your handlebars. The reflection on the water can easily disguise potholes or dips in the road, so your puddle jumping (wheeling?) is best left for streets where you’re certain of the contours.

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