How Much Should You Cycle a Day to Stay in Shape?

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Weight Management

For many people, staying in shape means keeping the extra weight they have lost from returning. Cycling burns a lot of calories and so helps control weight. Counting the calories you burn cycling along with those you eat is a useful way to stay on track. The calories you burn cycling depends on your weight, how fast you ride and how long you ride. For example, if you weigh 130 lbs., you burn about 354 calories an hour riding 10 to 11.9 mph. A 180-pound person will burn 490 calories per hour at that cycling speed. At 14 to 15.9 mph and a weight of 130 lbs., you burn 590 calories and a 180 lb. rider burns 817 calories per hour. For weight management, how much you should cycle every day depends on how many calories you want to burn each week.

Reducing Risk

Part of staying in shape is keeping the risk of injury to a minimum. Cycling strengthens leg muscles and your cardiovascular system, but provides only limited exercise for your upper body. You can achieve better physical fitness and lower the chances of injury with upper body strength-training. It is also important to ride with your back arched and with good form. Your bike should be the proper size and adjusted to your height and body proportions. That way, you minimize stress and reduce the chances of an injury.

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