How to Stay Fit During the Cycling Off-Season

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The cycling off-season may mean hanging up your bike for months at a time. Or, it may just mean that the elements are keeping you from biking as regularly as you would like. But what are the best ways to stay in shape for the road when the weather has you sidelined?

Michael Schaefer, MD, an avid cyclist and Cleveland Clinic’s Director of Musculoskeletal Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, says you can retain your base strength, but you should also focus on recovery during the off-season.

Cycling is great exercise, but it’s tough on your body in some ways. So it’s a good idea when you’re not riding to correct the issues it can create.

“The off-season is a good time to work against some of the bad biomechanics that cycling subjects you to the rest of the year,” Dr. Schaefer says.

He offers four key tips to help you recover from the biking season and maintain your fitness level while you’re not able to ride.

1. Do what you like so you can stay motivated

As with any kind of exercise, compliance is an important factor to consider. Find things to do that you enjoy during the off-season.

If you try to force yourself to train, it will only make it harder to stick with it. Try different types of exercise until you find ones that you really enjoy. It’s the best way to keep yourself motivated over time.

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